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Welcome to Fifty-Plus Living ONLINE Magazine

We have finally decided to follow the majority of our readership into the WEB as our primary emphasis. Research indicates that of those who are 50+, over 50% have computers. Almost all of these 50 plussers (90%) are going online to use the Internet.  Increasingly we are going to the WEB to find our news, to communicate and contribute and of course to SHOP.

“The ‘silver tsunami’ of older Internet users is gaining momentum,” says Lee Rainie, director of the Pew Internet Project. “Internet users in their 50s who work, shop, and keep in touch with friends and family online will age into and transform the wired senior population.”


Do You Have Legal Questions?

Presented By
Susan G. Baker
Elder Transitions

If you are like most people you have questions about writing a will, housing issues or maybe grandparents rights, however you figure the cost of asking your questions of an attorney is too expensive, I have just the agency for you. Finally, something about being 60 or older works to your benefit.

The Idaho Senior Legal Hotline is a statewide, toll-free, client access system for people 60 years of age and older, to obtain free legal assistance with civil legal problems. That is civil versus criminal! According to the legal aid office, do not call if your have criminal problems. If you are in trouble with the law, you need a defense attorney for legal representation.

If you are 60 years or older and you have a civil legal problem such as an issue with Medicaid, Medicare, taxes, housing eviction and you do not already have a lawyer or other legal services giving you help with your problem you can call the Idaho Legal Aid office.

The Idaho Senior Legal Hotline phone is answered by an automated system (sorry). You will be asked to press “3”. Your call will normally be routed to an attorney. However, when too many people call the Idaho Senior Legal Hotline at the same time, some calls are routed to voice mail; you will be asked to leave your name, telephone number and other information to help in calling you back.

Free is good. The Idaho Senior Legal Hotline will provide you legal advice for free on the telephone hotline. If you are eligible in terms of income and are in need of an attorney’s further services, you might be referred to one of the seven offices in the State of Idaho for legal representation (fee on a sliding scale).

When you call The Idaho Senior Legal Hotline you will be asked for a brief description of your problem, and because of government funding, your date of birth, income and other basic information. All information remains confidential. You should have documentation concerning the problem when you call and other important information such as the names, addresses and telephone numbers of people involved with your problem.

Based on the information you give the hotline attorney, you may receive verbal or written advice that hopefully will help you to resolve your problem. The Idaho Senior Legal Hotline also has written materials to help you understand your legal rights and advocate on your own behalf. If your problem is covered by these materials, the attorney will send them to you free of charge. Many of these materials are also available at an Idaho Legal Services office or better yet at .